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Cluster of (4) workstations.


Each station measures 4' X 24".


Fabric, surface colour and edge colour can be altered to any in house colours.


Power can be added at additional costs.


All panels will have new fabric and painted trim.  There's approximately 10 fabric colours, and 10 trim colours to chose from.


Surfaces come in a choice of 7 Uniboard colours.


Additional savings can be had by exchanging items for in stock AS-IS items.


These are just a few samples of what we can do.  


Let our design group find your solution.


Additional accessories can be added.


Price includes :


1   E2CC-90-4                       

6   E2MN-246-B                    

2   E2MN-446-B                    

2   E2PS-46                            

4   PDM-24-HLN                   

4   WURA-2448-LJSA             

4   ZEBD-1600-PP                  




Office Workstations - Cluster of 4 -Layout #6

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